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Cashewnuts 500g
Goji Berry (Wolfberry) 125g +/-
Almond whole shelled (+/- 250g) *1
Lau Kon Hing Eggs Dealer Duck Century Egg 4pcs/pack
Save 7%
Cashew (Vietnam) 500g
Cashew (Vietnam) 500g
RM 23.99 RM 25.90
USA Dried Cranberries 250g
Jia-Jia Egg Tofu 120g x 3
Jussu Spark Fruit Juice (Malaysia) 250ml
Physalis Gooseberry (Columbia) 100g
Jongga Fermented Vegetables Kimchi (Whole Cabbage) 500g
Save 12%
Whole Shelled Almonds 500g
Whole Shelled Almonds 500g
RM 21.99 RM 24.90
Lo Sam Fried Traditional Tofu 180g
CF Traditional Tofu 250g
Salted Eggs Grade A 4pcs/pack
Lau Kon Hing Eggs Dealer Quail Eggs 15pcs/pack
Double Swallow Pearl Barley 100g
Dried Salted Beancurd Skin (Fucuk Kulit Masin) 1pack
NutriPlus Fresh Eggs with Organic Selenium 10pcs/pack
Nutriplus Low Cholesterol Fresh Eggs 10pcs/pack
Lo Sam Pressed Tofu 300g
Red Dates 250g
RM 4.10
Groundnut (Vietnam) 400g
Chilled Norwegian Fjord Trout Block 200g+/-
Indian Split Peas (Kacang Dhal) 500g
Bamboo Leaves 8cm 1pack
Bilisco Salted Yu Fish (Ikan Yu) 80g
Shingo Pear (Korea) 2pcs/pack
Rockit Apple (New Zealand) 5pcs/pack
BIJI SAGU (+/- 400G) *1
Pine Nut 125g
Pine Nut 125g
RM 24.05
Lo Sam Egg Tofu 160g
KS Lacto Organic Chicken Chop 500g
Organic Zespri Green Kiwi (New Zealand) 5pcs/pack

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