Bio Natural Luxury 100% Natural Durian Ice Cream

If you love Durian, you will fall in love with this incredible product. The absolute best 100% Natural Durian Gourmet Ice cream. Incredible taste, Creamy texture, Rich flavor, Smooth aftertaste, and 100% satisfying pleasure of Durian. Indulge your senses and satisfy your Durian cravings all year long, anywhere, without reservations. No worries about the Durian Smell, or the Durian Breath or the Durian body heat. Just enjoy all the benefits of Durian without any worries or concerns. Suitable just by itself or with any dessert product such as Crepes, Pancakes, Croissant, Biscuits or Scones. Served in an elegant and environmentally friendly Glass jar, so that the gourmet ingredients and unparalleled taste are not interfered with.

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RM 14.99

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