Heineken Beer Can

Heineken® - The World’s No. 1 International Premium Beer In the 142 years since its birth, Heineken® has grown from a small Amsterdam-based company into the world’s most international premium lager. At the heart of Heineken®’s premium recipe is 3 natural ingredients: malted barley, water, hops and a small but significant extra – Heineken®’s unique A-Yeast - the key to Heineken®’s signature crisp and refreshing taste that has distinguished Heineken® from other beers. Every Heineken® is brewed for 28 days, twice as long as your average beer to achieve its balanced richness in taste, refreshing clarity and beautiful golden-yellow colour. Because of its uncompromising detail on quality and the expertise of its Master Brewers, you can enjoy the same quality and taste whether you’re in Amsterdam or right here in Malaysia. ABV 5%

RM 9.20

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