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Top 10 things to do in KLIA2


08 Aug 2015

Stuck in KLIA2 and have no idea how to pass time?

StarMetro visited the budget terminal and managed to find 10 fun things to do to while away the hours.

1. Go on a shopping spree

The budget airline terminal is more than just an airport. It’s made for shopaholics! In Gateway, the shopping arm of KLIA2, there are 225 shops to check out. If that wasn’t enough, there is a free shuttle service to the nearby Mitsui Outlet Park. Look out for the Japan Avenue store for a variety of products from the Land of the Rising Sun. A free luggage storage service leaves your hands free for shopping bags.

2. Create your own food trail

Eat your way to glory at the many food outlets. From organic vegetarian meals and local favourites to international dishes, foodies are spoilt for choice. Check out Fresco, an eatery in the Jaya Grocer supermarket, where you can choose your own cuts of meat or seafood from the butcher and have them cook it on the spot for you.

3. Play the people-watching game

Be the secret beauty-contest judge. Rate how interesting your subjects are from 1 to 10. Guess their origins and destinations. Check out the latest in luggage and fashion trends from lands afar. As 90,000 passengers use the budget terminal on a daily basis, this should not be too difficult.

4. March into a virtual battle

In the age of multi-player games, friends – and “enemies” – can be easily made. Who knows? You may find yourself pitting your gaming skills with a world champion. Don’t fret about connectivity –the whole place is equipped with free WiFi. Just make sure your gadgets are fully charged. They may not have a designated charging station for your devices but look out for electric sockets embedded in the building pillars.

5. Hop on a buggy, laze at a lounge and take a nap

Tired out from the long list of to-dos yet? Hop on a buggy for a free ride, chill out at a lounge, freshen up with a shower or take forty winks. Grab a room in the hotel next to the airfield or get the experience of crashing in a capsule to emerge refreshed for your next destination. Shower facilities are also available for a fee at the Premium Plaza Lounge, Sama Sama Express and Capsule by Container Hotel.

6. Get a full body polish

Have a shower. Get your hair done. Give yourself a makeover. And don’t worry about accidentally missing your flight in the process – there are ample departure and arrival screens around to remind you when your plane is taking off.

7. Massage your worries away

Feeling stiff in the neck and suffering from a sore back? Treat yourself to a massage. Go for the spa-style service or simply plonk yourself in the many plush massage chairs stationed around the terminal.

8. Practise your selfie skills

See if you can catch a selfie with an “iron bird” soaring over the skies in the background. It’s not the easiest thing to do but it’s not impossible either. Then post it on Facebook and see how many “likes” you garner.

9. Make new friends

Try having a chat with the customer affairs ambassadors and luggage porters. Have full trust that your sense of humour will be much appreciated. You can find them at the information counter near the departure gates. They’ll be at the train station too, connecting KLIA2 to KLIA. Or commiserate with your fellow passengers over a delayed flight and exchange notes.

10. Have a good workout

Walking is the official sport here. The distance from the entrance to the departure gate is a good 1.2km, enough to burn the calories gained during your food trail. And the beauty of it is that you can do all this in the cool comfort of an air-conditioned complex. For a novel break, check out the art spaces while on your stroll.